In-Home Perinatal Counseling

The experience of pregnancy, birth, and mothering a new child are meaningful, and often challenging, transitions in life. One way of preparing yourself to enter into this transition with intention is to add skilled professionals to your support reservoir. Through the perinatal counseling program, I will come to your home to provide counseling sessions focused on the joys and struggles of this particular time in your life. Depending on your needs, we can use our sessions to navigate through issues such as

  • Setting Boundaries with Family Members
  • Trusting Yourself in Your Motherhood Roles
  • Addressing Stress & Anxiety Triggers
  • Letting Go of Unrealistic Expectation of Self & Others
  • Increasing Self Care
  • Processing Fears Regarding Pregnancy, Birth, & Parenthood
  • Identifying Your Own Family Mission Statement
  • Communicating & Connecting with Your Partner
  • Addressing Concerns Regarding Sibling Adjustment
  • Recognizing and Addressing Signs of Postpartum Depression & Anxiety 
  • Differentiating Between Mom Guilt and Mom Shame
  • Healing Past Wounds Regarding Parenthood
  • Increasing Intention and Purpose in Daily Experiences

Prenatal Counseling Package ($650)

+ 1st session at the end of your first trimester (2 hours)

+ 2nd session at the end of your second trimester (1.5 hours)

+ 3rd session 3 weeks before your due date (1.5 hours)



Postpartum Counseling Package ($650)

+ 1st session at 32-34 weeks pregnant (2 hours)

+ 2nd session at 2 weeks postpartum (1.5 hours)

+ 3rd session at 3 months postpartum (1.5 hours) 


Combined Prenatal & Postpartum Package ($1000)

+ 6 sessions listed above (1.5 hours each)