I have found that symbols, metaphors, images, and language are all so powerful in how we view ourselves and the world around us. Think about how often you communicate something by using a metaphor, or how different images bring forth specific moods and emotions for you.  Based on this, I wanted to be intentional about using an image that is meaningful for me when I created my counseling practice.  This is how I came to decide upon the name Blackbird Counseling & Wellness.  

My first tattoo was of 5 blackbirds on my foot, with each bird representing a member of my family. On my wedding day, I walked down the aisle to Sarah McLachlan's version of the Beatles song Blackbird. I cannot say when, or why, I became drawn to the blackbird but I can say that I am now fully committed to it as a personal symbol of healing, purpose, and empowerment.  I once read something about the blackbird reminding us to listen to the haunting song of our soul. Listening to the song of my own soul is what led me to become a counselor.